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Child Neurology (CNE)

Child Neurology (CNE)


Master di II livello


1 anno (1500 ore) - 60 CFU


Prof. Paolo Curatolo

Tutor Disciplinare

Dott. Roberta Bombardieri

The master’s program is aimed at Medical Doctors, who have passed the board examination in Pediatrics, Child Neurology, Neurology and want to deepen their knowledge in Child Neurology. The master’s program takes place within the experimental activities of technological innovation and finalized integrated education (CME) and will be held entirely in English, in order to allow full access to foreigners.


  • In order to be admitted to the University Master Course, the candidates will be required to have an M.D. Degree and a Specialization in Pediatrics or Child Neurology (Child Neuropsychiatry) or Neurology, or an equivalent foreign degree.

    To apply for the Master course CNE, please send your CV for approval by the Director of the Master course at the e-mail address Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. . If not Italian citizen, instructions on how to fill the form will be sent by e-mail.

    • Disorders of Neuroembriogenesys
    • Neonatal Neurology
    • Neurometabolic diseases
    • Infectious diseases
    • Epilepsies
    • Neurological Emergencies
    • Beahvioural Neurology
    • Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Brain Tumors
    • Neurogenetic
  • The Master's schedule forecasts intermediate assessment tests by distance in which marks are expressed in thirtieths (minimum 18/30 to pass); in order for the enrolled student to be identified, he/she must agree with the didactical office (Master's tutor) the dates of the tests in matter.

    The achievement of university credits (CFU) is not required in order for the student to execute the intermediate assessment tests.

    The intermediate assessment tests are provided with training value and their execution is aimed to the achievement of the didactical admission to the final exam. Each intermediate test can be consecutively repeated only two times. In case of failure, the candidate will have the opportunity to repeat the test after six months since the second failed attempt.

  • The admission to the final presence exam is submitted to the execution of all the intermediate assessment tests, and requires the student to present the research work performed during the stage.

    Therefore only those who have completed the training path by achieving the didactical admission and fulfilling the administrative requirements (fees) may access the final exam, not before 180 days from the first payment's confirmation date.

    • Members of the International Child Neurology Association and the Asian Child Neurology Association who come from developing countries may enrol at a cost of € 1.000
    • Staff of civilian and military administrations of the State or former Scuola Iad students: € 1.200

    • For those who achieved the maximum mark at the access qualification: € 1.600
    • Disabled students*: € 75 + € 500 di Quota Fruizione a Distanza
      * Disability ratabale at 66% or more.
    • No reduction cost: € 2.000

    It is possible to pay into installments (€ 800 - € 600 - € 600)

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